Episode Zero - The Pilot Episode

The Resident Evil Podcast

07-02-2016 • 1 hr 1 min

Well then folks here it be; the original test episode for the podcast to see if it would work as a valid idea. Originally recorded 8 years ago by members of Project Umbrella, we set out to carry the torch from where the RPD Dispatch left off. At the time we'd had the idea of a podcast for several months and had been planning it behind the scenes, however we never envisaged just how difficult it would be to pull off. We knew 2012 was going to be a pivotal year for the franchise in terms of media and so we scrambled a panel together to record our thoughts. Here we speak briefly about the translation issues that plague the series and focus on upcoming titles Resident Evil Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, both of which were due out in the coming months. Although we knew it was coming we actually recorded this show 24 hours before Capcom publically announced Resident Evil 6 to the world. Just to put into context where the series was way back then, the last canonical material we'd had at the time of release was actually the story DLC packs for Resident Evil 5! And now here we are all these years later and the series has more than doubled in content and is still going strong. The Project Umbrella Podcast is now dead, long live the Resident Evil Podcast!