Beverage Director Julie Van Zant of Oceans New York - In Vintage Veritas

One Woman Kitchen

05-02-2020 • 53 mins

Naturally, we talk a lot about food on One Woman Kitchen. But something that goes with great culinary experiences is, of course, a wonderful selection of well-matched cocktails and wine. The value of a skilled sommelier cannot be overstated, and Julie Van Zant, Beverage Director at Oceans, New York's fantastic and globally inspired seafood restaurant, is one. She brings her considerable knowledge and expertise literally to the table. Julie shares her journey with author and chef Rozanne Gold, including how Julie’s background as a dancer has inspired a kind of choreography in her work; how the wine world is attracting great women to work as sommeliers, wine masters, and buyers; a look at how interest in orange wine, saki, sherry, and wine from lesser known places is growing; the power and prestige of building a 550 bottle wine list; and how it is possible that pregnant women make the best sommeliers, even if they don't drink.