Pastry Chef Claudia Fleming - A Decadent Dance of Desserts

One Woman Kitchen

25-03-2020 • 46 mins

Claudia Fleming is one of the most beloved pastry chefs in America. She gained international acclaim as the pastry chef at the three-starred Gramercy Tavern along with Chef Tom Colicchio. Credited with blending sweet and with savory in her remarkable desserts with chocolate caramel tarts with sea salt among her most famous. Her book "The Last Course: The Desserts of The Gramercy Tavern" became a cult classic and was published to great fanfare. Claudia is also a winner of the coveted James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef Award .

Reading Nancy Silverton's book changed her life, and how to make the perfect caramel. Claudia shares her story of going from ballerina to superstar pastry chef with author and chef Rozanne Gold.