Chef, Author, and Food and Wellness Advocate Ann Ogden Gaffney - Living with Nourishment

One Woman Kitchen

09-01-2020 • 52 mins

If you think of the perfect blend of generosity and philanthropy in the food world, one woman you should think of is Ann Ogden Gaffney. This chef and award winning cookbook author is also founder of the extraordinary nonprofit Cook for Your Life which brings the worlds of culinary and nutrition together. Classes and recipes (in both English and Spanish) help more than 150,000 people monthly, in a variety of communities, nourish themselves with style and grace. Ann joins author and chef Rozanne Gold to share how two cancer diagnoses transformed Ann from fashion industry star to a force of advocacy in food and wellness; why the idea of a one woman kitchen connects so strongly for her; and, how a minestrone soup her grandmother made (which she calls "jungle soup") informs almost everything she does. This is her inspiring story.