Food Writer and Podcast Host Korsha Wilson - A Mandate for Self-Reliance

One Woman Kitchen

23-01-2020 • 48 mins

Korsha Wilson is an up-and-coming food writer and storyteller, as well as an advocate for equity and political change in the industry.  From devouring her first food magazine at 10 years old to learning about the world of food through her mother's love of restaurants, Korsha’s destiny was obvious. She writes for impressive publications, about a wide range of topics. She also hosts the Heritage Radio Network show “A Hungry Society”. Korsha shares her story with author and chef Rozanne Gold, including why some of Korsha’s best and most inclusive experiences have been in restaurant pop ups; how her grandmothers from different parts of the world influenced her love and knowledge of food; Korsha’s mandate for self reliance; the importance to Korsha, as a woman of color, of diversity in restaurant leadership; and, the web of women who have inspired her.