Food Stylist Mariana Velasquez - A Narrative Without Words

One Woman Kitchen

12-02-2020 • 42 mins

Mariana Velasquez is one of the world's foremost food stylists, who has masterminded shoots for a dazzling array of clients---from Michelle Obama at the White House to Lin Manuel Miranda's new movie "In The Heights". Her exquisite aesthetics are apparent in everything she touches, from editorial and advertising clients to a wide range of cookbooks, including Rozanne Gold's own book, "Radically Simple". You can almost taste her food just by looking at it. Raised in Bogota, Mariana left home when she was only 18 to pursue her dream of a life in New York and making a name for herself in the food world. Mariana joins author and chef Rozanne Gold to share her journey and how food styling creates a narrative without worlds, what it's like to take a job that may contradict your own moral compass,  about Mariana's own cookbooks, and her line of stylish fashion-statement aprons that everyone will want to have. This is Mariana's beautifully engaging and exquisitely styled story.