Rachel Simons of Seed + Mill - Open, Sesame!

One Woman Kitchen

04-03-2020 • 53 mins

Just four years ago, Rachel Simons and two friends co-founded Seed + Mill, specializing in artisanal halva, tahini, and other sesame treats in their Chelsea Market store in New York City.  Rachel shares an extraordinary story about turning a passion into a thriving women-owned, brick and mortar business and a successful online business too. It is the only company in the USA solely dedicated to sesame seeds and sesame seed products. Rachel shares her story with author and chef Rozanne Gold, including: what it's like to start a business in New York as a mom and as an immigrant; about Rachel’s perspective on the peaks and valleys of a startup business; how Rachel’s career as a lawyer, working in Tel Aviv, London and Hong Kong, led her to working in food in New York; what it's like to start a business from scratch as a mom, and an immigrant; and the powerful statement that makeup Maven Bobbi Brown made about the health benefits of tahini. Plus, an on-mic halva tasting!