Revisiting Chef and Caterer Nuhma Tuazon - Filipino and Flying High

One Woman Kitchen

01-04-2020 • 51 mins

Times have changed.  And that is also true for "One Woman Kitchen."  As we move from Rozanne's "studio kitchen" to her actual Brooklyn kitchen, we are taking this opportunity to re-publish an episode with Chef Nuhma Tuazon who is now on the "front lines" of feeding people. We am in awe of what she is doing and how she figured out how to cook and serve her clients while taking personal care of her employees and making sure everyone is safe and healthy.  It is no small task.  It is monumental.  Rozanne spoke to her this morning about what is means to be truly "essential" during this COVID-19 pandemic. This week's show begins with a personal intro from Rozanne.  We know you will enjoy listening to Nuhma's inspiring story for the first, or second!, time.  Please take good care. You could have never predicted that a journey that started in a family business of  waffles and comfort food would end up in a world of high end food and dining. But that’s exactly where Nuhma Tuazon is. This Philippine-born chef, who is French-trained  by top masters, created and owns a prestigious, boutique, NY catering company NUHMA NY—and has become on of NY’s highly respected caterers (both on the ground — and in the air). She’s an entrepreneur who’s entirely self made, and who comes from a joyful family wherein everyone was involved with food. Nuhma share her story and a legacy recipe with author and chef Rozanne Gold, and prepares an incredible dessert that seems as if it sits on a cloud. See for privacy information.