Chef Patricia Williams of Ten Chairs - Culinary Choreography

One Woman Kitchen

02-01-2020 • 45 mins

When Patricia Williams retired from her glamorous career as an accomplished  professional ballerina at just age 30, she had no clear plan for what was next.  So, she created one. She wanted to cook, and soon enough found herself in one kitchen after another, and eventually as executive chef of the four star Quilted Giraffe and ultimately other trendy New York restaurants. She’ll tell you she never got paid as much as the men she worked with, but she’s stayed true to herself in an industry dominated by men. There are very few people with the resume Patricia has accomplished, and she embodies everything there is to love about women chefs. Her process in constructing menus and meals is ironically like watching a great dancer perform. Patricia shares her amazing story with author and chef Rozanne Gold, including about her creation of lazy duck; why she has had friendships with so many great jazz musicians; why after moving from Texas to New York, she never went back; and a glimpse into her unique pop-up dining concept Ten Chairs that was created ahead of its time and is still going strong 12 years later.