Florence Fabricant - Food and Wine Writer For The New York Times

One Woman Kitchen

18-03-2020 • 50 mins

Florence Fabricant is without a doubt one of America's most important and prolific journalists. As a Food and Wine Writer for The New York Times for decades, she's considered an authority on all things food, including new products, trends, chefs, and restaurants. She is a powerhouse. Florence is also the author of 13 cookbooks, including her newest "The Lady's Village Improvement Society Cookbook". During the summers you can find her in East Hampton, where she conducts the popular program at Guild Hall called "Stirring the Pot"; she interviews the biggest names in the food world. Florence shares her journey with author and chef Rozanne Gold, who (despite knowing Florence for 40 years) did not know the stories in this interview. Funny, engaging, delightful.