Episode 09 - The Search, Part 2

Cold Case: Frozen Tundra

Jun 1 2021 • 29 mins

Dr. Karsten and his team head into the second week of their search for the missing remains of Starkie Swenson in Omro.

Last week, the field work resulted in a number of interesting targets to excavate, based on readings provided by ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology. Even more exciting, the team uncovered some possible clues at the scene in some scraps of old, canvas tarp-like material, as well as an old piece of metal which is potentially a match for the pedal dust cover from a 1950’s-era Raleigh bicycle - the same manufacturer and time period as the bike owned by Starkie Swenson.

In this week’s update, we provide details of new information we’ve learned on the case, more on the items we’ve found to this point, and additional items that were found at the site during the second week of the search.

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