Beef Tenderloin on the Grill + Paella

Faith Middleton Food Schmooze

Jun 29 2016 • 51 mins

Beef tenderloin. Think it’s only for the holidays? Not anymore. Chris Prosperi’s Herb-Crusted Grilled Beef Tenderloin recipe will inspire you to serve this cut of beef on a regular ol’ weeknight, or better still, this weekend for a casual gathering with friends. It’s not difficult at all. Plus, move over chicken—Faith’s sliced duck breast (cooked in a skillet!) dresses up everything from salads to sandwiches (i.e. Anthony dreams up a duck po’ boy we’d all like a bite of). We’ll talk easy summer cocktails (Prosecco with wild flowers) and classic summer cocktails like margaritas, super-easy blueberry cobbler with pancake batter, and Chris and Alex Province walk you through how to make paella.
Aired: June 30, 2016

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