Rewriting Real Estate Rules with Asif Kasim and Steve Saretsky

Half Banked

Jun 7 2023 • 40 mins

The Next Generation of Homebuying - Part 1

For many, buying a home is a big landmark in their adult life. Your parents and grandparents have built and bought their own houses to settle in and start their families. It's a goal the youth pursue whether they can afford it. Unfortunately, today is vastly different from the experiences of older generations. Buying a home in the Canada housing market[1] today isn't the same as when your parents did.

In this three-part series, Half-Banked focuses on what buying a house is like. For this episode, we examine the rules and advice older generations followed to buy a home and test them against today's market environment. Joining us are Asif Kasim and Steve Saretsky to share their insights on the financial and real estate side of buying a home. They pinpoint which rules still work and which ones ultimately need an update.

Join us in this episode as we change the rules of the Canada housing market and rewrite them to fit today’s generation of homebuyers.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Find out the best downpayment percentages, rates, and budget you should consider when buying a home.
  2. Discover whether or not your home should be your biggest investment.
  3. Learn updated Canada housing market rules for today's real estate environment.


●      Asif A. Kasim: LinkedIn | Integrity Tree Financial

●      Steve Saretsky: LinkedIn |Saretsky Group

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