To Tip Or Not To Tip? A Debate on Tipping Culture in Canada

Half Banked

Jul 12 2023 • 42 mins

Episode Summary

Tipping culture is a significant part of the restaurant experience — especially in North America. However, tipping isn’t universal — some places charge service fees while others disallow tips entirely. And really, do customers enjoy tipping? Is it an effective and fair wage structure? Let’s find out.

In this intriguing episode of Half Banked, we delve into tipping culture. We also look at the burgeoning trend of tip creep, a controversial phenomenon that's causing ripples in the North American restaurant industry. We interview Marc Cohen, a Montreal-based restaurant owner, and Sam, an Ontario-based server. These two are on the frontlines of the service industry. Their unique perspectives reveal the intricate workings of the tipping culture as they grapple with the rising pressure on patrons to tip.

Tune in for a dive into tipping culture — and find out how both sides, server and restaurant owner, see it.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

1. Learn how to navigate the rising trend of tip creep and understand its impact on both businesses and consumers

2. Discover unfiltered insights from both the server and business owner's perspective about the increasing pressure to tip.

3. Understand the options aside from tipping culture and how they could reshape the North American hospitality industry.


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