The Real Costs Of A Wedding in Canada — and How to Handle Them

Half Banked

Jul 19 2023 • 45 mins

How much does the average wedding cost? The answer may be higher than you think — and the costs associated with a wedding can be surprising. You might have already budgeted out your wedding, but having the insights of people who’ve been to and planned weddings for several years is invaluable.

In this engaging episode we delve deep into the world of organizing and budgeting for significant life events, specifically weddings. We are joined by Amanda Cowley, founder, head planner and designer of Amanda Kelly Events. She also happens to be the wedding planner for Cadeem’s wedding. Jaye Simpson is also joining us today. She is a senior underwriter for a leading insurance company based in Toronto and the proud owner of Jaye’s Boutique–a go-to source for custom crafted delights perfect for celebrating life's greatest milestones.

Tune in if you or anyone you know are planning a big event, particularly weddings. And if the average wedding cost seems too high for you, this episode can help you figure out a way to manage your finances better.

Three Reasons to Listen to This Episode

  1. Learn how to effectively manage external pressures and align them with your budget and event vision.
  2. Discover the importance of financial planning in staging successful life events.
  3. Understand how to address surprise costs and ensuring value for money.



About Amanda Cowley

Amanda Cowley is the founder of Amanda Cowley Planning + Design. They do extensive work for couples aiming to have wonderful weddings and celebrations to truly honor that special moment.

Visit her website, or follow her on Instagram.

About Jaye Simpson

Jaye Simpson is an entrepreneur and started her own business, Jaye’s Boutique, which caters to wedding crafts.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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