Personal Finance Gets Personal — A Surprise Q&A with Cadeem Lalor and Bethan Moorcraft

Half Banked

Jul 26 2023 • 27 mins

This week on Half Banked, we decided to have a little fun. Or at least the producers did.

As we near the end of Season 1, we wanted to take a break from the grind of interviewing experts and dissecting the latest in personal finance news and topics. So we decided to it was our hosts to take a turn in the hot seat.

Who are the people behind the voices you hear every week? This week on Half Banked, the show’s producers turn the tables on Bethan and Cadeem to ask them some big money questions that haven't been discussed on the podcast yet. At random. With no prep.  From their quirkiest financial habits to what they would do with a million dollars, Cadeem and Bethan have gamely agreed to play along with their producers' antics and give their honest, unprepared answers and thoughts on various money matters.

So sit back and enjoy as we get personal about personal finance at their expense.

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