Episode 51: The Songs They Gave Away Part 5

The Big Beatles Sort Out

03-01-2022 • 1 hr 20 mins

Welcome to the Big Beatles Sort Out Series 2!

Having ranked all the Beatles core catalogue releases in series 1, in this series we will be taking a curated look through the best of the rest - the unreleased, the alternatives, the songs that were given away, and more!

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Garry is also a musician and his recent songs can be found here on Spotify.

Please listen out for Paul's other Podcasts, 'The Head Ballet' - all about novelty music, and 'Hark! 87th Precinct Podcast'  - all about Ed McBain's seminal police procedural novel series.

You can listen along to the songs featured in this episode on this handy Spotify playlist:

Episode Playlist

Also, we did a 'show and tell' video bonus about some of our sources for this series, you can see that here on YOUTUBE

Keep up with the scoring charts with this handy google sheet:

Big Sort Ranking Table Series 2

This Week's Songs: Sour Milk Sea, Goodbye, Penina, Come And Get It