The Spirit Unleashed

Robyn Liechti

Season 2 Coming September 2024! Empowerment coach and self-published author of many guided journals, Robyn Liechti, is redefining what self-care means and how through self-awareness you can create deeper connections, empowerment, and more joy, in the pursuit of an intentional life. If you’re ready to bust through your limiting beliefs so that you can get off autopilot and into the driver’s seat of your life, you’re in the right place. Have you wondered: How do I shift my thoughts to be more positive? How do I love myself deeper? How do I believe in myself more? How do I create a fulfilling life? How do I find my purpose? And the biggest question of all, how do I *really* rediscover who I truly am? I’m here to help! Whether you’re single, a happily married woman, or are figuring out who the heck you are and what you want out of this life, this podcast is for you. The Spirit Unleashed Podcast is a live-heart to heart style empowerment and personal growth podcast packed with tried and true step-by-step guides and tips that can help you get in touch with your own inner spirit and take back control of your life. From your couch, car, or bed, you can gain knowledge and insights on how to shift your mindset, put the practices into action, and rediscover what your spirit is longing for. Host Robyn Liechti brings you mindset strategies, raw and real conversations, self-love tips, and inspirational guests and messages that can help YOU recreate your story and life. Robyn shares how she rewrote her beliefs, navigated divorce, left an unfulfilling job to align with her dreams, created love for herself, AND took ownership of her life. She’s sharing everything that has helped her shift from outer validation to inner validation, but most importantly, she’s sharing how she unleashed her inner spirit. Now, it’s YOUR TURN to tune into the guidance, get inspired, and rewrite your story along the way. read less