How does social media content influence real world value?

2 Cents with imjonlacey

Jan 29 2023 • 12 mins

In this video I talk about social media and it’s direct impact on the value you bring to others in real life. The more content you post, no matter what it is, will greatly increase the probability of attention coming to your content. 30, 40, 50 posts per day across multiple social media platforms, and long-term patients, will bring unfathomable success to your life and the rest of the world.


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Jon Lacey is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, designer, filmmaker, and photographer; serving as the CEO of Laceys Design Studio and the creator of a meaningful NFT project JonProsper ‘Success’ Education. Jon has a sense for taking mass amounts of information and organizing it for easy reading and understanding. He shows this skill through his wealth education book series Everything to Learn Before Investing, daily social media videos, and posts. Jon has a passion for putting a smile on people’s faces and moving their mindset to one of abundance and happiness. Across all of Jon’s social media accounts, he shares his ideas of the inner workings of the world, un-yet heard of technologies, business/investing discussions, behind the scenes of the music industry with artist Dc Millionz, and daily motivation so you can take on the world!