Long Live the 80s: Arcade Games, Music and an Airbnb with guest Scott Leftwich of Wieners and Losers

Jump Start Your Joy

08-03-2022 • 34 mins

In this interview, I'm excited to be joined by Scott Leftwich. Scott originally started collecting console video games, and then began collecting early arcade games. He now owns 125 video games, and has the largest privately held collection of video games on the East Coast. Once a month, he opens the arcade for "Wieners and Losers," where people can play games for three hours and enjoy hot dogs and other food. He also has a band named Scott Leftwich and The Atarians, and in 2021 he opened an 80s themed Airbnb in his home. I hope you enjoy this conversation celebrating the 80s!

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In this episode, Scott Leftwich and I talk about:

  • the 1980s, and how as kids we had so much fun
  • his love of early 1980s arcade games (1984 and earlier)
  • how his collection of early 1980s arcade games grew, and how he learned to work on them
  • Wieners and Losers, his monthly arcade event
  • that he has 9 games of which there are 10 or less remaining in the world
  • his band, Scott Leftwich and the Atarians
  • the inspiration for his 80s themed Airbnb that opened in 2021
  • the joy that the arcade brings the community


Long Live the 80s! Wieners and Losers Website (find out more about the arcade)

Scott Leftwich and The Atarians

Scott's 1980s themed Airbnb in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Scott and Wieners and Losers on The Daily Woo

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