Stepping Up and Standing Out as an Introvert with Heather Hall

Jump Start Your Joy

30-03-2022 • 39 mins

In this episode of Jump Start Your Joy, I’m so excited to welcome Heather Hall, a transformative Leadership Coach, strategic Executive Coach, and evocative Spiritual Director whom I met through CLCC. She’s also the author of Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders. Heather helps aspiring introverted leaders, and their managers, connect with their voices and values to bring their ideas and vision to life.  I hope that you enjoy this episode about stepping up and standing out for introverts with Heather Hall.

In this episode, Heather and I discuss:

  • What is an introvert, extrovert, and ambivert? What goes on inside the mind of an introvert?
  • How discussions around “following your passions” puts pressure on introverts to prove themselves or go for something seemingly larger than life.
  • The corporate world was created by extroverts for extroverts. So, how do you navigate leadership as an introvert?
  • Why Heather wrote Step Up and Stand Out and the lessons she’s learned throughout her corporate career.
  • How workplace boundaries can improve your quality of life, your relationships with co-workers, and even prevent burnout.
  • The power of saying “tell me more” before accepting opportunities or new commitments.
  • Tips and advice for transitioning from a specialist role to a leadership-focused management role.
  • How introverts give away their power at work and how to fully own your introverted skillset without people-pleasing or perfectionism.
  • Networking, collaborating, and creating effective partnerships with extroverts.
  • How to cultivate more joy in life.


Heather Hall’s website: Discover with Heather

Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders by Heather Hall

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