Fred LeBlanc on Finding a Mardi Gras State of Mind

Jump Start Your Joy

05-04-2022 • 34 mins

Fred LeBlanc is back for the third time on Jump Start Your Joy, and he’s joining me this time to talk about his new single, “Mardi Gras State of Mind” and his reflections on how things changed for him (and all of us) during the pandemic. In refreshing Fred style, we also dive into talking about the influences that shape people (including Elvis and Anne Rice), and how dreaming big can change the world.

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In this episode, Fred LeBlanc and I talk about:

  • His time during the pandemic: getting married, shelter in place, doing online concerts, and revisiting music
  • Playing Lundy Gras and the Jazz Festival
  • Tupolo Mississippi, the birth place of Elvis, and how our environments have a profound impact on our lives.
  • Anne Rice, and how she was a friend of Cowboy Mouth
  • The inspiration for Mardi Gras State of Mind
  • His excitement about touring again.
  • Their San Diego, CA concert.


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