Content Creation: Podcast Editing, Publishing, Interviewing, Audience Growth and More

Jump Start Your Joy

25-01-2022 • 40 mins

Marion Abrams of Grounded Content joins the show and we're talking all things content creation, with a special lens around pocasts.

I know so many of you that listen, have some sort of entrepreneurial pursuit where you are creating content week over week or on a regular basis. And some of those past episodes about content creation and creativity have been the most downloaded here on JSYJ.

Good content all comes back to purpose. What is your mission and why are you creating this thing? This applies to whatever it is that you are making if you are an entrepreneur, whether that be social media, videos, blog posts or written work, etc. It all comes down to your filter and purpose, and offering up something that other people want to engage with.

What is a podcast? Is it the same as a video on YouTube? Is it another word for interview?

How do you approach editing a podcast or other content? What do you need to know about crafting something for an audience?

What about publishing options? (specific to podcasting - where do you publish, why you need a podcast host and more)

And, how do you grow your podcast or following? What are the best methods?

Be sure and check out part one of this episode over on Grounded Content.


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