Flickers of Joy in Every Season with Marsha Flowers of Five Blessing Candles and Little Bee Scents

Jump Start Your Joy

07-12-2021 • 37 mins

I am delighted to be joined for a second time by Marsha Flowers, who is the owner of Five B and Co Candles, and the newly launched Little Bee Scents. In our conversation, she shares how she has listened to her heart to expand her business in new ways. After thinking about what she likes best about candle making (the creativity, creating scents, and community), she realized that she also wanted to help other candle makers (and soap makers too!) bring their dreams to life. In the spirit of mentoring and helping others in the field she loves so much, Little Bee Scents was born.

In this episode, Marsha and I talk about:

  • The launch of Little Bee Scents and becoming the candlemaker for Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City.
  • How she is helping people get creative and produce quality products by offering custom scents for them to use in their own business, without having to buy a large minimum order
  • Why Marsha wanted to change things up in her business
  • The process of crafting scents that match the smell of beer, hay, and the fresh smell of the earth after the rain
  • Why candles offer comfort to people and connect us to memories in a powerful way
  • How Marsha let her heart lead her to the place that made her feel good about her business
  • Mad, glad, sad, or ewwww: Marsha’s new way of identifying her emotion over things, and following her first impulse about them.
  • How to jump start your joy: through smiling and helping other people create things that they love


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