The Freelance Wave

Remote Works: Work Rebalanced

18-11-2020 • 22 mins

The recent emphasis on flexible work has driven a massive surge in freelancing. Workers are ditching the notion of being strapped to a desk from nine to five in favor of digital nomadism, otherwise known as the location-independent workforce. With the right technology, the options of where you want to work are now endless. In this episode, we'll meet several expert and rookie digital nomads as they explore the possibilities stemming from this new way of working. We'll also meet Adam Ozimek, Chief Economist at Upwork, to hear his thoughts on the past, present and future of freelancing.

Citrix has created a virtual series on remote work filled with research, tools, and best practices to guide, support, and enable the remote workforce. Adam Ozimek is the Chief Economist of the freelancing platform Upwork. Read about Upwork's collaboration with Citrix and their report on remote work trends. Writer and speaker Kavi Guppta shares some sage advice for anyone setting out to freelance. Elly Earls is a freelance journalist and longtime digital nomad.   Her blog can be found at