Ved Vyas Ki Mahabharat


A serialized storytelling of Geeta press Mahabharat by Sutradhar. Here we will be covering the whole chapters of Geeta press Mahabharata in the same way as it is written in the book. We will be delivering this podcast in hindi language. You can also download our Sutradhar app from play store to watch different mythological stories from our various Purans and Upanishads. #mahabharata #geetapressmahabharata #newpodcast #teaser #hindipodcast

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Introduction- Mahabharata
3 mins
Episode 12- Indra Garud yudh (इन्द्र-गरुड़ युद्ध)Episode 11- Pakshiyon ke Indra- Garud dev (पक्षियों के इन्द्र- गरुड़ देव )Episode- 10  नाग माता कद्रू का छल (Naag Mata Kadru ka chhal)Mahabharat- Episode 9 देवताओं का अमृतपान (Devtaon ka Amrit paan)Mahabharat Episode-8 Samudra Manthan ki Katha (समुद्रमन्थन की कथा)Mahabharat Episode- 7 Astik Parva ki Shuruwat (आस्तीक पर्व की शुरुआत )Mahabharat Episode-6 Pauloma Parva End (पौलोम पर्व का अंत )Mahabharat Episode 5- Pauloma Parv (पौलोम पर्व)Mahabharat Episode-4 Rishi Uttanka ki kathaMahabharat Episode-3 Paushya ParvaMahabharat Episode 2- Parvasangrah ParvaMahabharat Episode 1- Adi ParvaIntroduction- Mahabharata