The Shankar Poncelet Podcast | An Entrepreneur's Journey

Shankar Poncelet

Embark on a captivating journey as I share my story of transformation from a law enforcement officer hailing from Luxembourg to a successful entrepreneur in the United States, ultimately building a seven-figure business empire. In this honest and inspiring podcast, we'll explore my evolution from a marketing agency founder to a sought-after business coach, while delving into my deep understanding of what people need to be truly happy and fulfilled. Discover how I've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and automation to help individuals and businesses become more creative and efficient in their workflows. By implementing these cutting-edge strategies, I've helped countless people free up more time in their lives, allowing them to focus on what truly matters and provide greater value to their pursuits. Join me as I reveal the ups, downs, and valuable lessons learned along the way, with the aim of empowering and motivating fellow entrepreneurs and dreamers. Tune in for an authentic and practical guide to achieving your own entrepreneurial success, fueled by innovation, fulfillment, and the pursuit of happiness. read less