The Path to Becoming a Social Media Influencer is Rewarding - Episode 7

The Shankar Poncelet Podcast | An Entrepreneur's Journey

12-11-2022 • 6 mins

The Path to Becoming a Social Media Influencer is Rewarding All my social media posts led to my success over the years. This world is vast, and it holds a lot of diversity. The sheer number of people you can impact is unfathomable to your brain. What you have to say matters, and it matters in ways you can't comprehend. Your lens is not your audience's lens. I talk about complicated issues: How can healthcare be more accessible and affordable? How can health insurance advisors reach more people? How can people find you online easier? What mindset helps you grow? It's a never-ending quest that has a powerful side effect. I keep motivated and connected to my goals. I keep learning, and I keep myself accountable for getting things done. I build a community that grows with me and supports me along the way. You can never have a community too large. People work with you because they trust you and can relate to you. Your consistency and personality on social media help build that over time. Show your best work each time you post, and be an inspiration to your followers.