Lou Lamoriello on The Cam & Strick Podcast

The Cam & Strick Podcast

Jun 23 2020 • 1 hr 25 mins

We figured since it's our 50th episode we'd bring something special to the table. Lou Lamoriello, the Hall of Fame Hockey Executive and architect of the three-time Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils, gave a very rare, long-form interview. Lamoriello won't give you much, but still when he speaks people listen. He's the Godfather of hockey and does things only one way, Lou's way. While his players may slightly fear him while under his umbrella, there's no denying the respect he commands and the family-like environment he's created with every organization he's run. At 78 years old, Lamoriello remains on top of his game, what a career he's had. From being a baseball coach, a math teacher, to being an athletic director, this guy was enjoying a successful life before anyone truly knew much about Lou Lamoriello. That was before 1987 when the New Jersey Devils came calling....the rest is history. Like some serious history, this guy could go down as the greatest hockey executive of all time. This interview dives into everything and then some. As for Cam Janssen, a former Devils player, to say he was rattled or scared to death before, during, and after this interview wouldn't give it justice.  The interview starts off calm before Andy asks some pressing questions that people want answers to. Like how do you fire your Head Coach with only a handful of games remaining when you have the 2nd best record in the conference? Or how did the Scott Stevens arbitration case with the St. Louis Blues really go down? Did he like working in a hockey-crazed market like Toronto under Brendan Shanahan? Could Stevens play in today's game, was he a dirty player? What about working with George Steinbrenner? Check this out...Lou Lamoriello, exclusively on the Cam and Strick Podcast.