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Life Connections is a vibrant, non-denominational church community in Fishers, IN.

We are spirit focused and led, with our teachings based on the book of Acts, and living an authentic way of life.

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Run Your Race | Pastor Phil Daigle
Jun 4 2023
Run Your Race | Pastor Phil Daigle
In this profound sermon, "Run Your Race," Phil Daigle, the Lead Pastor of Life Connections, urges us to find our spiritual stride and embark on the unique path God laid out for each of us.Pastor Daigle uses the metaphor of life as a race, reminding us that it's not about the speed but the direction we choose and the resilience we show when faced with obstacles. Throughout this enlightening message, he integrates biblical narratives and practical life lessons to inspire listeners to embrace their divinely assigned race and run it with endurance, grace, and joy.This episode offers an empowering and timely message of faith, resilience, and spiritual growth. Pastor Daigle encourages us not to measure our journey against those of others but to focus on God's plan for our individual lives. In doing so, he invokes Hebrews 12:1-2, illustrating how we can lay aside every weight and sin that clings so closely and run with perseverance the race that is set before us.Whether you're feeling adrift, racing ahead, or struggling to keep up, "Run Your Race" is a powerful reminder of the divine purpose in our lives and our ability to overcome obstacles through faith and perseverance. This sermon will undoubtedly stir your heart, challenging you to run your race with renewed determination and purpose, always keeping your eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith.Join us for this episode and be prepared to get inspired and uplifted by Pastor Daigle's inspirational message. This message is for you, no matter where you're tuning in from. "Run Your Race" is a divine rallying call for all of us to step into our God-given purpose and to run the race before us with unwavering faith.So, wear your spiritual running shoes, and prepare to run your race with Pastor Phil Daigle!Support the show