110 What's it to you?

The Vocab Man - Fluent Vocabulary

Jun 9 2023 • 4 mins

The phrase/quesion "What's it to you" explained with examples.

"What's it to you?" is an idiom often used in spoken English to express annoyance or to question why someone is interested or concerned about a particular matter. It can have different nuances depending on the context and tone of the speaker. Here's a breakdown of the phrase:
  1. "What's": This is a contraction of "What is." It introduces a question or inquiry.
  2. "it": Refers to the subject or topic under discussion or consideration. In this case, it represents the matter the speaker is referring to.
  3. "to you": Indicates that the speaker is questioning the other person's involvement or interest in the matter. It suggests that the person being addressed doesn't have a legitimate reason to be concerned about it or that their concern is unwanted.