Stark Conversations with Maryam Montague- Project Soar Morocco

Stark Conversations

Feb 16 2023 • 38 mins

Hello friends and welcome back to another Stark Conversation. Today I am learning about a nonprofit in Morocco called Project Soar. It was founded by Maryam Montague. Maryam, a fierce feminist, shares with me how and why she started Project Soar. In doing so, she dives into the ways feminism has helped the girls in her community and highlights some of the issues they face. Specifically, Maryam speaks about: How loopholes in Moroccan law still allow for child marriage- an issue that is still relevant in the United States. How vital period care is for the girls in her community. How the girls in Project Soar are learning to advocate for themselves. The impact feminism is making on mothers and daughters in her area. Although Project Soar started in Morocco, its impact has been so powerful that it now serves girls in Uganda and Syria. This conversation is the perfect illustration of how feminism is a path of empowerment for girls and women all over the world!

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