Stark Conversations with Jodi Bondi Norgaard- Feminism 101

Stark Conversations

Jan 11 2023 • 56 mins

You know the moment when the vulnerability pays off? When you get the ask, and relief floods your system? That was the gift that Jodi Bondi Norgaard gave me. I have followed this feminist for years, quietly liking her posts, pursuing her website and admiring her work. Jodi says the things I am thinking. She speaks them with matter-of-fact wisdom that only comes from thorough research. When I asked her to help kick-start this podcast by being my first guest, she didn't hesitate. I got an answer that very day. She was the woman I knew would give me straight-up hard facts about feminism that would set the tone and feel for this podcast. She came correct. She is a fierce ally of women. I wanted the first episode of Stark Conversations to lay the groundwork for feminism, to give a bird's-eye view of what feminism is and isn't. I wanted to present facts and examples, share knowledge and provide resources for those who want more information. This is what Jodi came correct again and again and again. For an hour, she delivered the goods I was seeking. Here are some time stamps to tune into: Jodi gives the perfect definition of feminism at 5:52. Want to know what books to read on Feminism? Take a listen- she lists them at 11:04. Do you want to give the men in your life ideas on how to best support women? Check out the podcast Jody recommends at 43:28. Want to know how to best support women- Amplify their voices and good ideas? Jodi shares how at 44:35. What's the issue we both feel is preventing women from global equality? Find out at 46:42. Curious about the Equal Rights Amendment Act, and what is the only constitutional right protecting women right now? Pay close attention at 49:25. Friends, this podcast comes complete. Stark Conversations with Jodi Bondi Norgaard- Feminism 101. It's a thorough listen. You can find Jodi at Website – Social Media

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