Fred Bryan. 13yr NFL Umpire. Super Bowl 55 Crew. A Remarkable Journey to the Top.

Unrestricted with Ben Leber

Feb 21 2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

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- Minneapolis native
- Played DL at University of Northern Iowa
- Worked at the Hennepin County Department of Juvenile Corrections
- Started officiating after a 3yr stint as a High School Football Coach
- Noticed by an NFL officiating recruiter while working a Division III game
- Worked with NFL Europe for 2yrs- officiated the last World Bowl
- 13 Seasons as an NFL Umpire
- Has worked 11 Playoff Games & 1 Super Bowl
- Discusses what it takes to learn the craft
- Reveals what his responsibilities are
- Opens up about Full-time vs Part-time NFL officiating
- Is the game "over-officiated"?
- What major rule changes need to be made?

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