86. The Toffee Serial Killer: Ravinder Kumar - India

The Desi Crime Podcast

May 13 2023 • 37 mins

“Don’t take candies from strangers.” How simple a teaching; how elegant. But how difficult for a child to resist a sugary delight; an alpenlibe or melody offered to you for free that to before dinner. Which 6 year old could say no? Had this lesson not been inscribed in our head, we too could’ve fallen for this scheme. If you now think how stupid some kids might be to fall prey to this modus operandi of kidnapping, keep in mind, you’re the same person that once upon a time believed in Santa Claus and tooth fairies. This is the story of the man that bitterly exploited the sweet tooth of children, this is the story of Delhi’s Ravinder Kumar.  Ravinder Kumar: Story of a Monster Serial Killer Targeting Kids - Forensic Yard How two semi porn movies set Ravinder Kumar on path of depravity: Shocking details of abductions, rapes and murders in Delhi | Delhi News - Times of India Delhi: High on Drugs, Man Watched Porn, Then Walked Miles to Rape Children & Murder Them; Convicted Has this Indian man really killed 30 children? - BBC News The badlands of Delhi | Mint I targeted children, none of them hit back: Delhi serial rapist - The Hindu (5) NDTV Exclusive: Delhi rapist, serial killer, who targeted 15 children, shows no remorse - YouTube Rohini court convicts serial paedophile | Delhi News - Times of India Porn, child rape, murder, necrophilia: The making of Delhi's psychopathic killer - India Today Delhi: Man walked 40 km in search of children to rape, kill them; convicted - India Today Ravinder Kumar (serial killer) - Wikiwand Ravinder Kumar: A Story of Child Rapist and Killer who Indulged in Necrophilia with the Bodies ‘Ready to be hanged for my crimes’ - The Hindu Delhi: Man assaults and kills 30 children in 7 years, convicted Ravinder Kumar vs The State Nct Of Delhi And Anr on 11 May, 2023