39. Mysterious Disappearance of Sneha (Pt.2) - USA

The Desi Crime Podcast

06-05-2022 • 38 mins

It was now September 12th, a day after the world had turned upside down. In the chaos and panic of one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in the history of the world, one family was reeling uniquely- their daughter, sister, wife Sneha Philip had disappeared just a night before the attack and nobody seemed to have the time to find her. When Sneha’s brother’s lie actually prompts the cops to investigate her disappearance, the case only grew more and more confusing. Welcome to Part 2 of the missing disappearance of Sneha Philip. This is her story. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime https://www.instagram.com/desicrime/ Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime https://twitter.com/DesiCrime?s=20 PLEASE become a Patron: www.patreon.com/desicrime