The Church Nerd Podcast

Andrew McLarty

The story of the church is the story of people. And while the faithful focus on the Divine, the church is a product of the people, and so it is full of interesting facts, side-steps, mis-steps, and colorful vestments!

The Church Nerd Podcast is the collection of questions I have gathered through these many years, as well as the best answers I can cobble together through my experience, interactions, and some dusty books. My aim is to shed light on some of the things we do in worship, as well as promote discussion on the way the church is moving forward.

This CNP is for everyone, whether you practice the faith, are testing it out, or have stepped away. Everyone is invited to be a part of the community and the conversation, whether your interests lie in history, liturgy, or just want to know why pews don’t have cup holders.

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