106. Unbound Gravel 2024, racing with British champ Danni Shrosbree

Cyclist Magazine Podcast

May 30 2024 • 1 hr 2 mins

This week James and Will are joined by gravel pro, Danni Shrosbree. Danni became British gravel national champ in 2022, then in 2023 raced to a storming fourth place on her debut at Unbound Gravel, arguably the world’s hardest gravel race - 200 unsupported miles (320km) across the Kansas prairies. Danni tells us why this was one of the most chaotic races of her life, from shacking up with strangers (the hotels were full) to having her race all but ended by freak storms. And she didn’t even pack a paint stick (what and why’s that? stay tuned). This weekend, June 1st, Danni will race Unbound Gravel 2024, and here she gives us a behind the scenes look at just how it all works.

Interview begins at 9.08


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