Episode 40: Who are you to judge?

What is Life?

13-04-2022 • 33 mins

Welcome back to the What is Life Podcast. It is a celebration because we have made it to the century mark! We are 100 episodes in! In season 2, episode 40, we are diving deep into the world of judgment. Some of us cannot help but judge. After all, we are highly critical thinkers. We are always analyzing and using our best judgment when it comes to decision-making. However, we do live in a society where we are constantly judging others. Is this to validate how we feel inside? Do we do this to cope with our feelings or feel better about our decisions? Unlock the mysteries of judgment, only on this episode of the What is Life? podcast. Click the link to leave a monthly donation to the What is Life? podcast! ---> anchor.fm/whatislifepodcast-spooky/support

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