The FoCo 15 - episode 1

The FoCo 15

Mar 10 2022 • 15 mins

Ever wonder what life was like in Forsyth County while Lake Lanier was being constructed? County Manager Kevin Tanner chats with the Historical Society of Forsyth County about how the lake has impacted our lives and we look ahead to how the lake is being used today and beyond to enrich our lives.

With gas prices on the rise, Chief Financial Officer Marcus Turk has some tips on how you can save at the pump.

And we have the latest update on the construction of the new SR 369/400 interchange and overpass, plus a timeline on the project's completion.

ON THE NEXT FoCo 15: We pay a visit to the Stoney Point Airfield Community in south Forsyth to discover what makes this unique HOA so special (hint: all of the homeowners own airplanes!)