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David Pratt

Legendary Vancouver sportscaster David Pratt is taking his broadcasting talents to his own podcast: The Prattcast on Sports. This new weekly podcast is the only place you can get Dave's strong opinions and off-beat hot takes that have made him a fixture on sports radio and TV for the last 3 decades. Dave is joined by Ben Kuzma of Postmedia, a wily opinionated media veteran in his own right who has covered sports for 3 decades plus himself. Nothing is off the table and no holds are barred when Dave and Ben sit down with some of the biggest names in sports and showbiz for the Prattcast.

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Who is the Canucks Starting Goaltender? - Interview with Thatcher Demko
Who is the Canucks Starting Goaltender? - Interview with Thatcher Demko
David Pratt and Ben Kuzma from Postmedia begin by discussing the comeback against St. Louis and head coach Travis Green's comment that it was a 'big boy game' and how happy he was with his team's push-back against the reining Stanley Cup champs. Dave and Ben explain taking 3 out of 4 against the Blues mean that the Canucks are 'real' with their early season success and how teams are aware what is happening in Vancouver. The guys get into Petey. winning NHL Player of the Week, and how he is even showing up in the 'hits' column on the stats sheet. Dave and Ben look ahead to the 2 upcoming tests against Dallas and Nashville over the next couple of weeks, and how the Canucks will handle it's goaltending. The guys chat with Canucks back-up goalie Thatcher Demko, then discuss the 'cadillac problem' the Canucks have of having 2 guys that are both legitimate number one goalies and what kind of extension the Canucks will end up with during their contract negotiations with Jacob Markstrom. And how critical the way the Canucks handle their goaltending situation now will play into their success for years to come. The guys touch on the story of a Vegas casino suing Evander Kane and wonder why he keeps having off-ice issues that distract from what should be a great NHL career. Dave and Ben look ahead to the Hawks and 49ers upcoming huge MNF game and few of the other big week 10 match-ups.  See for privacy information.