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Knowing: in the biblical sense Season 2 Episode 1
Jul 2 2023
Knowing: in the biblical sense Season 2 Episode 1
In this episode I discuss with Rev. Dr. Debra Haffner, sexologist and ordained minister, based on her research what position the Bible takes, if any, on the human sexual experience of intimacy and identity. Her findings may be surprising to some. *Content Notice* If you are an individual who may be sensitive, in regards to a discussion about human sexuality and how it relates to the Bible and our lived experience, OR if you have children around at the moment and you may not want them listening in on this discussion for whatever reason. I want to be transparent and afford you an opportunity to determine for yourself if you are in a area or location where you feel it is appropriate to participate with us in this discussion, or if you need to make plans for a time and or location that would be more comfortable for you.  This episode does NOT have any profanity, nor is there any imagery or references to: violence, abuse, drugs, alcohol, or explicit sexual behavior. The content does NOT violate any community standards or policies and would not require an age restriction on the platform. However, I would like to be transparent and for people to be aware that we are having a conversation about what the Bible may or may not say about human sexuality, sexual identity and orientation. We also discuss sex education programs and the various policies that surround them as they relate to religious institutions along with the academic research Dr. Haffner has conducted as a professional in this field.  Remember to: Like and Follow the podcast wherever you listen. Please Go to our YouTube Channel and leave a comment. Tell me something you learned from this episode that you hadn't known before. While you are visiting YouTube and leaving a comment make sure to Like the episode, Subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell so you can get alerts and stay up to date with additional content as soon as it comes out. * The Logic and the Bible audio podcast will only contain the primary podcast episodes. Additional content will be available on YouTube and our other social media platforms. YouTube: Https://www.youtube.com/@logicandthebible Facebook Community: https://www.Facebook.com/logicandthebible Website:  https://www.HellotoSoulMinistry.wixsite.com/htsm Email: LogicandtheBible@gmail.com --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/logicandthebible/support