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Sprinklez Episode 42:  Murder Mystery Recommendations! Tasty-Treat-Sensation: Hostess Zingers
Oct 11 2020
Sprinklez Episode 42: Murder Mystery Recommendations! Tasty-Treat-Sensation: Hostess Zingers
Hey Gang! Today's theme is Murder Mystery Streaming Recommendations!HULU:The Killing (2011-2014): The performances by Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman are incredible! The first three seasons are fantastic, the final season is good to see where the main characters story end up. (Violence, substance use, adult themes)Agatha Christie's Marple (2004-2013): A fun modern series based on one of Agatha Christie's all time favorite classic mystery characters Ms. Marple.  Amazon Prime: River  (2015): Starring the amazing Nicola Walker and  Stellan Skarsgård. (Violence)The Lady Vanishes (2013): Remake of the book which inspired Alfred Hicthcock's Film by the same name. Light and fun romp through 1920's Croatia on a train.Mystery Road (2018): Judy Davis, Aaron Pedersen Interesting Australian mystery series. (Adult themes, substance use, violence)NETFLIX Broachchurch (2013-2017): Tour-de-force performances by David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Charlotte Rampling. Intense, emotionally impactful, terrific TV. (Violence, adult themes)Sherlock (2010-2017): Benedict Cumberbatch is a smart, aloof and interesting modern Sherlock Holmes. Martin Feeman (Hobbit) plays Dr. Watson. Highly recommended.Dark (2017-2020): German, mysterious, touch of sci-fi. Simply perfect and complex storytelling. (Graphic violence)Criminal UK; Criminal: Germany; Criminal: Frances, Criminal:Spain. (2019-): Each series has the same set (a police detective interrogation room) but entirely different characters and mysteries. All are tremendous. Thrilling. Will keep you guessing to the last minute of each episode. (Description of violence, sexual assault, substance use)Collateral (2018): British Mystery with a message. Starring Carey Mulligan, Nicola Walker. (Violence) The Five (2016): Lighter fare but fun mystery. (Violence)  The Tasty-Treat-Sensation for this episode are Hostess Zingers! Chocolate or Vanilla, and I double checked, they still have coconut (aka Raspberry)!!
Sprinklez Episode 35: Big Little Lies (HBO); Pose (FX, NETFLIX); Popeye's New Fried Chicken Sandwich
Feb 27 2020
Sprinklez Episode 35: Big Little Lies (HBO); Pose (FX, NETFLIX); Popeye's New Fried Chicken Sandwich
Hey Sprinklers! We are back from a bit of a break, with a show chock-full great streaming recommendations as well as a Tasty-Treat-Sensation that will blow your socks off!HBO's BIG LITTLE LIES is just breathtaking! It tackles some very serious and intense issues all the while keeping you in suspense and wanting more! The cast is full of Hollywood powerhouses, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Meryll Streep, Nicole Kidman,and Zoë Kravitz who are all incredible. This is strictly a show for adults as it contains depictions of violence and nudity. (What HBO doesn't have violence and nudity?) It's very powerful and really one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.Then I rave on about FX's Pose! Season 1 is on NETFLIX, season 2 has already aired on FX and will apparently coming to NETFLIX sometime this year. The largest cast of Transgender actresses of any show to date. The cast is spectacular! Billy Porter is a scream and such a talent! India Moore is stunning. MJ Rodriguez will steal your heart! And Dominique Jackson is a modern day Joan Collins! Centered around late 1980s New York in the Ball scene which inspired one of Madonna's most famous songs Vogue. Contestants (many of whom were members of the LGBT community) walked runways to compete for trophies. The various themes were fascinating! The houses which is what they called various teams where often literally a collection of people who would live in one house under a "Mother" who would over see the house. Often these were cast-outs who were abandoned by their families because of them being LGBT. The series is set admit the AIDS epidemic. (See the fabulous and heartbreaking documentary, PARIS IS BURNING on NETFLIX to see what POSE is centered on). Pose will want you coming back for more. I recommended this to all my friends who were all so angry when they finished season 1 and realized season 2 is still not on NETFLIX yet. This is also an adults only show. For our Tasty-Treat-Sensation we have Popeye's New Fried Chicken Sandwich. It is incredible! Ever since I had it I have been craving it more and more! Let me recommend you get the fries and the coleslaw! You will not be mad ;)