14. How to Juggle Multiple Responsibilities and Still Feel Calm, Real-Life Coaching with Imola (COACHING MINI-SERIES)

Screw Being Unhappy

Jun 26 2023 • 19 mins

Imola runs her own nutrition and fitness online business, teaches Dutch, does project work while still running the household, keeping up with her own workouts and running her and her husband’s YouTube Channel.

In this coaching session, Imola shares that juggling all this can make her stressed, especially when she spends time in traffic or cannot work due to the regular power cuts. She wants to be able to do all this, but instead of feeling stressed, she wants to feel calm.

I coach Imola on acknowledging the enormous amount of activities she is doing, appreciating the small time-chunks that will eventually aggregate into big-time investment and looking out of the box for solutions, that can relieve her of some of the activities she may not be enjoying that much.

Does this sound like something you relate to? Get inspired by this real-life coaching, see for yourself how a coaching conversation looks like and grab what resonates to create your own AHA moments which you can turn into action. Pop in those headphones and decide to Screw Being Unhappy starting today.

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