61: What to expect during Labor & Delivery

Mamas & Mimosas

31-03-2021 • 1 hr 16 mins

Are you ever really prepared to give birth?

Everyone's birth story is unique. We can prepare for things like hospital bags and childcare plans, but the actual labor & delivery of our children is definitely beyond our control. No one plans for an emergency c-section.

So today we’re talking about our labor & delivery stories and what helped us prepare for it. Sometimes hearing other peoples experiences can mentally prepare you for the unexpected.

Grab your drinks, pop in those earphones -especially if you have little ears around, and let’s dive right into Episode #61

We Discuss...

  • How was your labor & delivery with your first baby?
  • Deliver before/after due date?
  • What made you go to the hospital?
  • Contractions? (front/back pain)
  • Water break?
  • Epidural?
  • How long were you in inactive labor? (admitting-delivering)
  • Did you have anyone in your room?
  • How long did you push for?
  • What did it feel like?
  • Did Dad cut the umbilical?
  • How were the days in the hospital?
  • How long did you stay in the hospital?
  • Did you bring baby home?
  • Were your second or third deliveries any different?
  • What advice would you give to a mom who's getting ready to have her baby?

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