68: Life As A Girl Mom

Mamas & Mimosas

19-05-2021 • 52 mins

Last season we had a Guest talk to us about Life as a Boy Mom. So of course we gotta show love to our Girl Moms out there too! Today's Guest has 3 daughters and she’s gonna share all the details on how life is raising 3 daughters. We’re talking makeup, dating, curfews, heartbreaks, friend drama and more!

We Discuss…

  • How many daughters do you have and how old are they?
  • How did you react when you found out your 3rd child was another girl?
  • What made you decide you were done at 3?
  • Did you ever consider adopting a boy?
  • Are all little girls sassy?
  • Is “Daddy's Little Girl” really a thing? Do you think your girls are more attached to you or Dad?
  • What does life look like as a “Girl Mom”?
  • When do they start to develop an attitude?
  • How do you handle all the PMS and mood swings?
  • How do you handle heartbreaks & friend drama?
  • Does parenting girls get easier or harder as they grow older?
  • What kind of relationship do you have with your girls and are you closer to one more than others?
  • What are your rules on makeup? Revealing clothes? Curfew? Dating?
  • What tips do you have for girl moms who want to build a strong bond with their daughters?

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