69: Parenting Twins

Mamas & Mimosas

26-05-2021 • 43 mins

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you had twins?

Double the feedings, Double the tantrums, Double the exhaustion!!!

Today we have a special guest who’s sharing her story on how life is like being a mom to twins!!!

We Discuss...

  • Do twins run in your family?
  • What was your reaction when you found out?
  • How was your pregnancy?
  • Do you have any tips for registering for a twin baby shower?
  • How was your delivery?
  • How was newborn life?
  • Were they on the same sleeping and feeding schedules?
  • Did you breastfeed?
  • How did you manage once Dad went back to work?
  • What would you do when you were outnumbered and both would cry?
  • Any tips for our Twin Mom listeners who are exhausted in the Newborn stage?
  • How did you juggle twin babies and everyday house duties?
  • Are your twins personalities completely different?
  • Did they tag team you with tantrums during the toddler days?
  • Do you tend to lump them together or do you encourage individuality?
  • Does it tend to get easier as they get older, if so how?
  • What words of encouragement can you give our twin Mamas who are in those harder days?

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