63: Parenting Kids with Food Allergies

Mamas & Mimosas

14-04-2021 • 36 mins

Are you worried about your kids having food allergies and how to navigate through life making sure they don't have a deathly reaction?

Today we’ll be picking Roni's brain since all 3 of her kids have different food allergies! She’s gonna share all her tips and tricks she’s learned throughout the years…

We Discuss...

  • Do you or your husband have allergies?
  • Did you suspect that your baby would have food allergies?
  • How early did you find out your baby had allergies?
  • What did you do?
  • What kind of allergy tests did they have to take? Is it painful?
  • What are they allergic to?
  • Do your other kids have allergies too?
  • Were all your kids tested for allergies?
  • How do you introduce new foods?
  • What is the scariest allergic reaction they’ve had an epipen?
  • Have you ever had to use
  • How do you plan your meals around their different allergies?
  • Do you pack their school lunches?
  • Do you pack an emergency bag everywhere you go?
  • How do you prepare friends or family that they’re going to stay with?
  • Can they outgrow their allergies?

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