Low Blows 318: The Ranger of Power

Low Blows Network

25-08-2021 • 2 hrs 58 mins

  • Wrestling companies who went back on what made them famous?
  • "Why is it okay to watch AEW but not OTT?"
  • Queen vs Cian on will McMahons run WWE in 10 years, Reigns comments on Punk, Bray Wyatt to AEW, Becky heel turn & WWE Day 1
  • Raw sends Cian into a meltdown, AEW's 'Dream Match', Cole/KOR, Heels is cringe, how Cian ruined SummerSlam for himself & more in the worst of the week
  • The feeling of CM Punk's return, Rick fires back at Becky comeback critics, Ilja/WALTER & much more in a bumper edition of 'This Is Awesome'