Ask Low Blows 10/9: God Swings It

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10-09-2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

@KentoCCFC: You're now heading on a sail around the country. Pick your sailing mates with the caveat of there being no life jackets, or food, but there are fishing rods.

@jmolloy1985: recent underhanded acts by a respectable national journalist have left me doubting the integrity of the profession. Are there any journalists you admire/read regularly who you think could restore my trust?

@spudinho90: Did the performance against Portugal earn Stephen Kenny enough goodwill to forgive the Azerbaijan result and based on him saying he’s working toward a longer term development as opposed to immediate results, are you happy to carry on with him or do you want a change? Personally I’d give him the next euros campaign and based on the names being floated to replace him it only strengthens that believe

@davebandana: I went to see the Irish national football team play this week.

So what I'd like to know is what is your all-time Irish XI?

P.S. Do your own research this time,


. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes

@Scott_Aspill: So Shang Chi thoughts?!? Can’t wait to see where the MCU goes from here.

@EMSProWrestling: Thoughts on the movement in F1 at the moment.

Russell to Mercedes

Bottas to Alpha Romeo

2 seats at Williams and the 2nd at Alpha Romeo and Kimi's retirement

(Sorry @katey_harvey )

@cluelessnerd: it'll be talked about on the main show, but how big a game changer do you think All Out was?

@Eoin_Davis1: Where do Cole, Bryan, and Punk rank when compared to other talent acquisitions like Hogan, Hall, and Nash in WCW or Christian, Angle, and Steiner in TNA?

@RoscommDan: Justy & Phil are the oldest combined tag champs in Titanic Wrestling’s history, do you know any other obscure Irish wrestling facts?